I recently had the pleasure of directing Mr. Lomenda in the film Jersey Boys. I first became familiar with Mr. Lomenda’s work when I saw him perform, as Nick Massi, in the San Francisco show of Jersey Boys. The crowd went wild every time he came on stage. They loved him and in my opinion, he stole the show. Naturally, I wanted him to audition for the film role of Nick Massi. Many auditioned but Mr. Lomenda’s performance outshone the competition.

Mr. Lomenda proved to be the right choice for the film. He came to set prepared and ready to work, excelling in every challenge thrown in his path. I saw firsthand how hard-working, passionate and devoted Mr. Lomenda is to his craft. He was a joy to work with and I can’t wait to see where his talent takes him next.
— Clint Eastwood
In a business as ephemeral as the one called show, Michael Lomenda is rock solid. In a world obsessed with style over substance, Michael Lomenda is the real thing: a superior person with superior skills, an exceedingly gifted man who does his job exceedingly well. His unique creativity, passion and intensity make him a joy to watch and work with.
— Rick Elice, author of Jersey Boys, The Addams Family, and Peter and the Starcatcher,
Mr. Lomenda’s strength as a theatre artist is undeniably superb, he possesses extraordinary truth and skill, but he is also a leading man in the classic sense of the word; he is a leader of the cast. In his humble, generous, and soft-spoken way he gains the trust and loyalty of the entire company. He is like the rising tide that lifts all ships and I have seen firsthand how Mr. Lomenda’s presence in a cast can improve the performances of all around him.
— West Hyler, Associate Director of Jersey Boys,
Eastwood’s ‘Jersey Boys’ is one of the year’s best…Eastwood’s handpicked cast delivers the goods…Lomenda’s Nick, who seems like the fourth wheel, stops the show with a climactic speech.
— Lou Limerick, The New York Post
He brings to any place in this world an immense sense of integrity, affability, intelligence and sensitivity.
— Vincent Piazza, Boardwalk Empire, Jersey Boys
Michael Lomenda is one of those few performers who can disappear completely into a role while also adding his own unique personality to it, making each character seem as if it were written for him, and only him, to play.
— Dr. Alex Mustakas, Artistic Director and CEO of Drayton Entertainment
In all my years working in this profession, few performers have ever made as strong an impression on me as Michael Lomenda has, time and time again. He’s not only an actor and singer of rare skill, but he possesses a unique personal magnetism that make him stand out from the crowd on all occasions.
— Richard Ouzounian, Theatre Critic for The Toronto Star
Special mention goes to Michael Lomenda, who plays Mickey’s crazed older brother…Lomenda draws the most out of the parochial script laid out for Sammy and is true to his character from beginning to end.
— Kathy Rumleski, The London Free Press
Kudos also to Michael Lomenda, who takes the potentially thankless part of Nick Massi and fills it with rich comedy and vividly felt anger. His passionate outbursts about the pains of sharing a bathroom with the messy DeVito have never seemed funnier. Lomenda is another one of those first-rate talents.
— Richard Ouzounian, Theatre Critic for The Toronto Star
In North American theatre, few actors stand out like Michael Lomenda. Of course, acting for the stage requires more than just talent. It requires an alchemy of acting ability, good looks, allure and sheer ‘presence.’ Mr. Lomenda has all of these things in spades. And, to his greater credit, he is perhaps one of the hardest-working actors I have had the pleasure of knowing.
— Michael Walters, CSA, Dayton/Walters Casting